Funds and items donated for the campaign "Let's help prepare for school together!" will fulfil the dreams of pupils for a joyful Knowledge Day


The charity campaign "Let's help prepare for school together!" concluded last Sunday; during the campaign, everyone had the opportunity to support struggling Latvian and Ukrainian refugee families to prepare their children for the new school year. Within three weeks, residents have transferred or placed a total of 4,239.61 euros in the donation boxes. Meanwhile, items left at the specially designated donation boxes in the shopping and entertainment centres AKROPOLE Rīga and AKROPOLE Alfa were sent to the social initiative centre "Common Ground" with the help of, where dozens of Ukrainian families were able to choose necessities for the beginning of the school year.

“This year, more than ever, compassion and support are one of the greatest values we can offer each other. On behalf of AKROPOLE, I am grateful to everyone who found the opportunity to help pupils and their families prepare for the new school year better. Together we managed to provide valuable support to those who need it very much right now! I wish for every pupil to have a happy school year filled with new knowledge, while parents have a peaceful daily life as much as possible," Zane Kaktiņa, manager of the AKROPOLE Alfa shopping centre congratulates everyone on the Knowledge Day.

"Financial and material donations have greatly benefited pupils and their families. Currently, school supplies have already been provided for 11 Roma pupils from Valmiera district. Also, this week we received a request from a family in Baldone, where the father has been sick for a long time and the family has limited income, which does not allow them to provide school things for the children, and the support of fellow citizens will help solve this problem, at least making the situation slightly easier in one specific family," Rūta Dimanta, head of the charity organization, expresses her gratitude to the donors.

"Fellow citizens donated school bags, stationery items, visual art supplies, household materials and other small but very necessary everyday things. Donations of shoes and clothing are also always appreciated by families, as children tend to grow up so quickly. This year, a globe was also left in the donation box, which hopefully made one curious student happy," Inga Akmentiņa-Smildziņa, head of the parents' organisation, shares her observations.

For the third year in a row, the charity campaign "Let's help prepare for school together!" is organised by shopping centres AKROPOLE together with partners – parents' organisation "Mammām un tētiem", while this year the charity organisation has also joined the circle of partners.

Families can be supported also after the conclusion of the campaign, by donating via bank transfer at, in the section ”Let’s help prepare for school together!”. The amount of the donation is voluntary.

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