“Prints of Inspiration” in AKROPOLE Alfa – exhibition of paintings by Marija Matvejeva and her students


From 1 to 31 May in the exhibition hall on the 3rd floor of the shopping and entertainment centre AKROPOLE Alfa, the exhibition “Imprints of Inspiration” with paintings by artist Marija Matvejeva and students of the art studio “Krāsu deja” will be displayed. The exhibition features 34 large-scale and nuanced smaller-scale works that reflect the ideology of the positive influence of art on the viewer’s feelings. The artworks can be seen every day from 10:00 to 21:00.

Marija Matvejeva has been passionate about the creative world since her early childhood and has continued her path of development by acquiring new painting techniques and knowledge at the Ulbroka Music and Art School, Riga School of Design and Art, the Iconography Department of the Latvian Christian Academy, as well as studying visual arts pedagogy at the University of Latvia. She has also worked in monumental painting as an interior decorator for several years.

In her daily life, the artist creates a wide variety of paintings, which are exhibited and held in private collections both in Latvia and abroad. Marija also teaches art classes in her art studio “Krāsu deja”, which has been visited by more than 700 people over the past six years. The works of the long-time students of the art studio, which are mostly oil paintings, will also be on display in the exhibition “Imprints of Inspiration”.

“I believe that art is meant to boost positive emotions, because the world is already full of negativity. Just as music influences the human mind in a positive direction, artworks can raise strong feelings and inspire positive actions in the viewer through the combination of colours and subject matter. I love nature and people and love to bring them to life on canvas in a new dimension. I am fascinated by colours and their interplay, which is why I mostly paint in oil, as it can combine different layers of colour, thus creating an intangible depth and softness,” explains the creator of the works, Marija Matvejeva.

“In the rush of everyday life, each of us needs a moment to relax and be inspired. That is why every month we give visitors of AKROPOLE Alfa the opportunity to see works created by talented artists, which allow them to wander away for a moment to reflect on the essential and non-essential everyday things. This time, it is the work of Marija Matvejeva and her art studio students, who have created the exhibition “Imprints of Inspiration”, which radiates the softness, delicacy and peace created by clear tones in unique works of different colour techniques. We invite everyone to be inspired by the peace, joy, and tranquillity of the artists' creations,” says the manager of shopping centre AKROPOLE Alfa, Zane Kaktiņa.

Entrance to the exhibition is free of charge. The exhibition is available every day from 10:00 to 21:00 on the 3rd floor of AKROPOLE Alfa.

Working hours

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