Warm blankets, food and more than EUR 1000 – the charity campaign of AKROPOLE and the animal shelter Labās mājas has ended


From 12 April to 19 May, AKROPOLE shopping centres, in cooperation with the animal shelter Labās mājas, organised a charity campaign in support of the shelter’s animals to provide the necessary goods and financial assistance to around 100 dogs and cats of Labās mājas. During the charity campaign, visitors to the shopping centres donated more than 400 kilograms of items for the animals, such as blankets, dry and canned food, cat sand and sleeping beds. The donation boxes collected more than EUR 1000 during the month, which will go towards feeding and medical care for the animals, as well as the maintenance of the shelter building.

“I would like to thank all the visitors of AKROPOLE Rīga and AKROPOLE Alfa shopping centres for their active participation in helping our four-legged friends who unfortunately do not have a home and a loving owner. We can see that the visitors followed the request of Labās mājas and provided everything necessary so that the donated goods could be used immediately for the needs of the shelter’s residents. Although the charity campaign has come to an end, I encourage people to continue to support the shelter’s residents so that they can have a warm place to sleep and food to eat all year round,” says Aija Urbāne-Orbāne, Marketing Manager of the shopping centres AKROPOLE Rīga and AKROPOLE Alfa.

“Big thanks to everyone who donated, to the organisers of the charity campaign and to AKROPOLE shopping centres! As the animal shelter Labās mājas operates on the basis of donations only, we greatly appreciate every donation. This month of the charity campaign has brought us a lot of warmth and responsiveness from AKROPOLE visitors, as the donation boxes filled up very quickly each week. They were filled with blankets, sheets, pet food and canned food, dog leashes, cat sand and cat houses. The financial donations of EUR 1000 will allow us to keep the homeless animals warm, feed them and provide them with veterinary medical services. During the charity event, it was also possible to see an exhibition of animals available for adoption, and we are happy to announce that two of the cats and two of the dogs featured in the exhibition had found new homes by the end of the campaign. Good deeds can be done all the time, so we encourage people to volunteer, for example by helping to walk the shelter’s dogs and socialise the cats,” says Astrīda Kārkliņa, Manager of the animal shelter Labās mājas.

During the charity campaign, visitors donated various useful goods, including dog and cat food, cementing sand for cat toilets, cat nail sharpeners and sleeping beds, dog leashes and clean textiles, in donation boxes placed in AKROPOLE Rīga and AKROPOLE Alfa. In total, more than 400 kilograms of items were donated. Meanwhile, cash donation boxes in shopping centres raised more than EUR 1000. It should be noted that the biggest donation activity was observed in the shopping centre AKROPOLE Rīga, where two thirds of the total amount was donated.

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