Wheelchairs and storage lockers: what other new features are available to visitors of AKROPOLE shopping centres


To make the shopping environment even safer and more pleasant, AKROPOLE Rīga and AKROPOLE Alfa shopping and entertainment centres have implemented several new features for the convenience of visitors. Wheelchairs are now available for visitors with mobility difficulties and defibrillators have been installed in several locations, which can be used for first aid if necessary. Visitors of AKROPOLE Rīga can also use lockers with code locks for storing personal belongings and purchases, and educational games for children have been installed in family rooms.

“The shopping centres are bustling with activity every day, bringing together friends, families, different generations and people with diverse needs. Visitor comfort and safety is our priority, so we work hard every day to find new solutions and expand the range of options available to make visiting our shopping centres even more enjoyable,” comments Aija Urbāne-Orbāne, Marketing Manager of the shopping centres AKROPOLE Rīga and AKROPOLE Alfa.

Wheelchairs are available for visitors with mobility difficulties in both AKROPOLE shopping centres and can be used indoors and in the shopping centre area, e.g., in the parking area. A total of two wheelchairs are available in each centre. Wheelchairs are located at entrance C and the Business Centre at AKROPOLE Rīga, and at entrances A and B at AKROPOLE Alfa.

Also, defibrillators will now be available in both shopping centres, which can be used by people who know how to provide first aid in case of emergency. In AKROPOLE Alfa, defibrillators are located by the security post and next to the information centre, while a third defibrillator is located in the Rimi store. Three defibrillators are also located in AKROPOLE Rīga – near the information centre, in the lobby of the Business Centre and near the Maxima store.

If the shopping bags have become too heavy or it is necessary to leave one’s outerwear, the visitors of AKROPOLE Rīga shopping centre have free access to the storage lockers, which can be closed by entering a personal four-digit combination. The lockers are located on the 2nd floor, in the corridor next to the Pepco store.

The youngest visitors of the shopping centre have also been thought of, as new educational games for children have been installed in two AKROPOLE Rīga family rooms to ensure an educational visit. It should be noted that AKROPOLE Rīga has a total of four family rooms – they have comfortable sofas and chairs, changing tables, a microwave for warming baby food, as well as various free baby hygiene products such as nappies, sanitary pads and soap.

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