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CHESTER: Perfection of form

The designers behind this brand find their muse in the ambiance of the historic English town of Chester. This quaint town, renowned for its vibrant architecture and traditional craftsmanship, serves as a wellspring of inspiration. Shoes adorned with the name "CHESTER" proudly embrace the essence of British style, a hallmark of reliability and consistency recognized worldwide. CHESTER not only upholds the rich traditions of British shoemakers from the land of perpetual fog, but also pioneers its own technologies, all dedicated to providing the utmost comfort for your feet. With a focus on timeless classics, CHESTER offers the perfect footwear for every occasion. These shoes can be wonderfully complemented by the opulent accessories available under the TJ COLLECTION brand, conveniently available here.

CHESTER offers a wide selection of fashionable urban footwear and accessories for both men and women. Here you can explore brands like CHESTER, CARNABY, and TJ COLLECTION, along with an extensive range of accessories and leather goods, including leather handbags, purses, briefcases, belts, scarves, exclusive socks, as well as footwear care products.

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