Greetings to our four-legged friends: AKROPOLE shopping centres can now be visited with dogs and cats


From 22 March this year, people can visit AKROPOLE Rīga and AKROPOLE Alfa shopping centres with their pets – dogs and cats. Pets will be allowed in the public areas of the shopping centres, as well as in certain shops and service outlets, where a special sign will be posted informing visitors that pets are welcome.

“Pets are no longer just waiting for their owners to come home – they are our best friends, who are more often accompanying their owners to the office, cafe or other public places. We are certain that this decision will make visiting our shopping centres even more convenient and enjoyable, giving people the opportunity to spend more time with their four-legged friends. In addition, the AKROPOLE locations will be the first large shopping centres in Riga to allow people to shop with their cats. We look forward to welcoming our visitors and their pets to visit us for shopping and having a good time,” says Aija Urbāne-Orbāne, Marketing Manager of shopping centres AKROPOLE Rīga and AKROPOLE Alfa.

While pets will be allowed in the public areas of the shopping centres, special signs will be placed by the shops and service outlets to provide information on whether pets are allowed. Pets will be allowed in more than 270 AKROPOLE Rīga and AKROPOLE Alfa shops and service outlets, including “Sportland”, “Reserved”, “Jānis Roze”, “Čili Pizza”, “Douglas”, “Danija” and “iDeal”.

To ensure a pleasant environment for all visitors, pet owners are asked to follow a number of important rules. Visitors of 16 years of age and over are allowed to bring their pets to the shopping centres; the pet must be on a leash that is not longer than 1 metre, or in a pet carrier bag/box, inside the shopping centre premises and grounds. Pets may be carried in lifts or on escalators and travelators if other nearby visitors do not object, and the owner must carry the pet in his/her arms when using the escalator or travelator. Pet owners must have the necessary items with them to clean up after their pet immediately should the need arise. Please also note that pets must not cause a disturbance to other visitors or shopping centre staff so that everyone can enjoy being in the shopping centres. 

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