In February, an unusual dog photography exhibition will be on display at AKROPOLE Alfa


From 1 to 29 February, the exhibition of the world-famous dog photographer Christian Vieler will be on display in the exhibition hall on the 3rd floor of the shopping and entertainment centre AKROPOLE Alfa, offering large-format photographs of man’s best friend – dogs, showing their emotions and attempts at catching a treat. The exhibition features 26 photographs that will leave no visitor unimpressed.

“My interest in dog photography started 10 years ago when I picked up a camera and set up a little experiment with my dog Lotte – to test the ability of the flash to “freeze” objects, I started throwing treats in Lotte’s direction. Looking back at the pictures I took, I realised that there was something special about them. I think that the expressions of dogs show us well-known feelings such as joy, strong desire and even sadness. And this is something that we do not usually see so clearly in our dogs. I think this exhibition will allow everyone to not only connect with our four-legged friends but also with their inner emotions,” says photographer Christian Vieler.

Christian Vieler initially photographed his own dog, Lotte, as well as the dogs of his friends and neighbours, but as his work became more popular, other people started to book photo shoots to take portraits of their pets. Most of the portraits were taken in the photographer’s studio in Waltrop, Germany. The unusual selection of photographs of dogs catching treats was created to promote the German pet food brand Josera, and has gained a lot of recognition online.

“This month we wanted to offer visitors of the shopping centre an unusual photo exhibition. Our four-legged friends can give us unconditional love and it is a great pleasure to celebrate them through art. I encourage everyone not to miss this opportunity and to plan a visit to the exhibition with family or friends to get positive emotions, which are especially important in this cold winter time,” says Sanita Krīgere, Manager of AKROPOLE Alfa.

The exhibition of Christian Vieler's photographs will be open throughout February from 10:00 to 21:00 on the 3rd floor of AKROPOLE Alfa. Entry is free.

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